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Rec Tek Diving Repair offers prompt and professional wholesale scuba equipment service and repair to retail dive centers, military dive lockers, resort hotel facilities, and other commercial entities across the United States.

Rec Tek also provides retail service and repair for customers who reside outside of Nevada. Download the work order, box it up and ship it to Rec Tek, where it will be evaluated, a quote will be sent to you, and have your gear back to you properly serviced in no time.

Nevada residents can use the dive shop link on the left to find the closest dive shop to you that Rec Tek supports (Rec Tek picks up gear from these shops several times a week) and you can be assured your equipment will be promptly serviced.

Rec Tek services most major brands of regulators and bc’s, has most battery and o’rings for computers old & new, and can conduct visual tank inspections using the Eddy Current Visual Plus 3.


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