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Rec Tec Diving Repair is owned and operated by Mike Thompson. Mike is a PADI Master Instructor #7225 who has been diving since 1972. Mike has been working in the Scuba industry since 1975, as an instructor, shop manager, and technician.

In 1999 Mike started Rec Tek Diving Repair, realizing most dive shops find it difficult to stock a large quantity of parts and brand specific tools needed to work on scuba equipment. Most dive shops service only the brands they sell, so they had to send their customers to competitors to have their equipment serviced. Rec Tek solved their problems by having a large quantity of parts for most manufacturers, including service kits and the parts that wear out frequently, in stock. Rec Tek has a large Mako compressor with storage banks that utilizes a Peterbuilt “HP Manager”, allowing easy testing of regulators at 500-3300 psi tank pressure. Other testing equipment includes a “Pro-Check” to test the water tight integrity of the 2nd stage, a “Flow Analyzer” that allows the tech to check the regulator’s performance under load, and a Global Instrument Test Chamber that tests the watertight integrity of all dive computers, transmitters, receivers, and air integrated computers after a battery change. By utilizing this chamber, Rec Tek can test alarms and functions to a pressure equal to 150fsw.

Mike has attended hundreds of repair clinics, and currently teaches for several manufacturers.

Rec Tek primarily does wholesale repairs for dive shops, along with contracts with major hotels and dive lockers for aquariums.

Retail services are only offered to residents outside of Nevada, due to contracts with the dive shops listed on our web site. (Prices are the same)


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